FP Blunderbuss

A Ranger using the Blunderbuss.

The blunderbuss is an upgrade in Fat Princess. It is used by an upgraded Ranger. It is a CQB (close quarters battle) weapon which takes some time to reload but deals a heavy amount of damage.


- In urban places such as Edinburger, Brownie Town, and New Pork, a Blunderbuss has a good advantage over the bow.

- In open places such as Frost Bite, Black Forest, etc. a bow is more preferable due to its higher fire rate.

- The Blunderbuss can prove to be a superior sniping weapon with its high amount of damage.

- If an enemy gets close to you while you have a bow and arrow in your hand, switching to a Blunderbuss is an excellent idea.

-The Blunderbuss, with its low fire rate, is best when trying to pick off stationary or slow moving targets.

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