Brownie Town topdown

Brownie Town, Top-Down

A small city map with lots of tight corridors for melee classes and some excellent high-ground for ranged classes as well. The enemies princess sits in a pen outside the castle, quite out in the open, making defense a difficult task. This map makes for some very fast paced action and is great for group-play (multiple people on one console)


Each base has all the hat machines in a nice small courtyard and no door to block a base raid, other than the one found down the hill, at the first outpost. There is a back enterance, as their always is, to each base, which requires that a builder make a springboard at the wall just past middle outpost on the northern route. There is no catapult in this map, due to the size and ease of base access.


Wood is a plenty in this map, with 5 trees spawning right outside the hat machines, just over a wall. You can toss the resources over the wall, with a little practice, to save time. There is a lot more wood just across the plaza, but it takes significantly longer to harvest.

One ore pile is just up some narrow stairs past your first outpost, easy to get to and easy to control. There are 4 ore spawns in the sitting below the southern bridge in the middle of the map, acessible from two paths on both sides. This makes it difficult to keep and difficult to farm from; it's best if the whole team can take it and clear it quickly.



Since most of the fighting is found around the middle bridge, it is a good tactic to sneak past the fight by going north to the middle outpost. Going with a class with higher health and speed will increase your survival chances. North of the enemy's metal ore, there is a small area with a slice of cake. Push the cake to the top wall. Jump on the cake and attempt to jump the wall. The princess should be out in the open and unguarded (If you're playing Snatch 'n Grab  the princess is inside the enemy base). Take her and use the top route to get home.

Fat Princess
Black Forest Coco Cliffs Deep Fried Great Gorge Hot Sauce
Rocky Road Soccer Sugar Cove Tropical Punch
Fat Princess DLC
Brownie Town Candy Mountain Frost Bite New Pork

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