Chicken FP

Chicken is grainy

The chicken is a status class in Fat Princess. This status is resultant of a teammate or opponent throwing the magic potion at you. It lasts 10-15 seconds and will make you extremely vulnerable.



The movement speed of the chicken is equal to that of The Grim Reaper, as is the air time of jumping.


The chickens for the red team will be red and yellow, and chickens on the blue team are blue and white.


The health of a chicken is only 1 heart, making potion throwing an efficient way of mowing down crowds.


The Turret CamperEdit

On the map Black Forest each castle features two towers. 1. Change to any class with a range attack 2. Throw a potion into the catapult (Which must be built) 3. Get turned into a chicken 4. Catapult over, aided by the chicken's gliding abilities 5. Land in the tower 6. Get turned back into a human 7. Snipe, no one below can hit you except the Dark Preist, but that isn't much of a problem.

Princess RescueEdit

Repeat steps 1-4, land in the throne room/ prison, repeat step 6 grab the princess and run for it.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit

The Princess' level 2 super attack is mounting a large chicken and runs around on it, taking out anyone it comes into contact with.


Chicken trophy
Trophy cupcake Trophy bronze Little Pecker
Kill an enemy as a chicken in an online game

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