Hearts four
Cook Class
Weapons: Frying Pan, Rolling Pin
Basic Abilities:


Cooking: Making Princess Fatter

Upgraded Abilities:

More damage to Rolling Pin

Cooking: Make Other Players Fatter

The Cook (or the Chef) was a class that was never released. It was supposed to come with the Fat Roles expansion pack along with the Ninja, the Pirate and the King

There are no information of what the attacks for the Cook would have been, but many ideas have been published by players: The Cook could change between the Frying Pan and the Rolling Pin. The Rolling pin could be used as a weapon against enemies. The Cook would hit people as seen on the picture. The Frying Pan could make Super Cake to give to the Princess to make her fatter faster and to make longer lasting fatness. The Cook maybe had to be in a specific location to cook, maybe at his Hat Machine. Maybe the Cooks Hat Machine required normal cake in order to work. More cake in the machine = Bigger Super Cake! The upgraded Cook would give the Rolling Pin more damage. And the frying pan could make cake that make enemies fat and thereby slower. This cake would work as the Magic Potion, the same throwing range but only the enemy that get hit get fat. If you would get hit by the cake, you could run around to burn calories and get rid of the fat. All these cakes would have different apperence then original cake. The Villager could slap all these different kinds of cake out of the hands of a player that he normally would with original cake.