The Giant Chicken (also known as the Giga-Chicken, Super Chicken, Mega ChickenUltra Chicken and Doc Chicken) is a character class that can only be obtained by having the highest overall score while being on the losing team at the end of the game. It is incredibly strong, being able to kill an enemy in three hits, and also possesses the ability to glide through the air like a regular chicken.

When the chicken is killed, it releases rainbow orbs that, once obtained, turn the player into the Grim Reaper. The chicken possesses a sizeable amount of health, being able to sustain a large amount of damage before dying.

The Giant chicken has 6 hearts, but less defense then the Reaper, and it is hard to kill alone, but not as hard as the Grim Reaper.


  • When a player on the other team is a Giant, he can eat the Giant Chicken using the Giant's special eating ability.

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