Hearts five
King Class
Weapons: Spire
Basic Abilities:


Carrying Princess Faster

Upgraded Abilities: Making Friendlies Stronger

The King was a class that was never released. It was supposed to come with the Fat Roles expansion pack along with the Ninja, the Pirate and the Cook. It probably didn't make it because of the already crowded castles. The Hat Machines wouldn't fit.

There are no information of what the attacks for the King would have been, but many ideas have been published by players: The King could hit enemies with his Spire causing low damage and stun. He could also carry the Princess at his normal medium speed, no matter how fat she is. Other words, he wouldn't be slowed down when carrying the Princess. When upgraded, the King would deal meduim damage with his Spire and do an attack much like the Mages area attack. This would boost the friendly players to deal more damage, move faster and get more health for a limited time. This attack may be overpowered, but again, these are just speculations.

The non-upgraded King sounds underpowered, but this class is meant for rescuing the Princess and not for attacking enemies. The upgraded King is also a sort of supportive class.

Some people speculate that the King would be a third upgrade for the Priest. He would probably get the abilities of the upgraded King.

It is also speculated that if the character is female, this class would be a Queen. Having the same abilities but a different look.

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