Here are a list of player handles that are willing to accept in game friend invitations.
Simply add the HANDLE to your consoles online friend list and they will be able to play Fat Princess online with you.

Anonymous users cannot add their information to this list. Only signed-in Wikia users can contribute to it.

List of player handles Edit

Wiki username PlayStation Network ID Time zone (optional) Online availability (optional) Notes (optional)
Exlonox EXLONOX Eastern (USA) differs Type "Fat Princess Wiki" in the friend request.
Fireproof MEDIC_Army Eastern (USA) differs
LincolnFA LincolnFA Central (USA) differs Put "Fat Princess Wiki" in the request.
ragnarokfinis ragnarokfinis Eastern US, CEST Varies Let me know you found me here in invite.
User:- rjm2009 Eastern (USA) Mid-day If you would put wikia in the message so i know.

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