Rankings are displayed in front of your PlayStation ID when playing online. You rank is determined by your average score for the past 10 online games you have played (excluding outliers such as being kicked or joining part-way through a match). If a player's voice is set to "Female" in Character Customizations, an alternate female title will be shown for the top seven ranks.


Rank Male title Female title (if available) Average points
16 Squire 0500-0599
15 Private 0600-0699
14 Corporal 0700-0799
13 Sergeant 0800-0899
12 Ensign 0900-0999
11 Lieutenant 1000-1249
10 Captain 1250-1499
09 General 1500-1749
08 Warlord 1750-1999
07 Sir Dame 2000-2249
06 Baron Baroness 2250-2499
05 Earl Countess 2500-2999
04 Duke Duchess 3000-3499
03 Lord Lady 3500-3999
02 Prince Princess 4000-4499
01 King Queen 4500+

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