Resources are the gathered materials from around the map necessary for building or upgrading various structures in Fat Princess. There are two types of resources in Fat Princess: lumber and ore.

Tree Diamond Ore
Raw(New) Resource tree Resource mineral deposit
Refined Resource lumber Resource ore

Tree Edit

Tree the most used resource as all structures will require it. Log is refined from Trees, a process that the Worker specializes at. Trees may appear different dependent on the map but are usually quite prevalent with some in close proximity to the team base. Trees which have already been chopped down will regrow but may take a few minutes to do so. Note: Bombs and the Giant class are also capable of cutting down trees.

Ore Edit

Ore is only used to upgrade Hat Machines, Catapults and build Springboards and as such will not be as vital late in a match. Ores must be refined from mineral stones, a process that the Worker specializes at. Mineral deposits are not as plentiful as trees and typically are the center of early game skirmishes complicated by fights over nearby outpost(s). Note: Bombs and the Giant class are also capable of mining ores.


Resource Trophies
Trophy cookie Deliver 15 resources of wood or metal to the team's stockpile in online games

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