The Soccer map is a special map that comes with Fat Princess. It is special in that when selected, the game mode automatically changes to Queen's Rules. In this game mode, there are no Princesses and no cake. Instead, all characters start out as a Villager and must slap a soccer ball into the opposing team's goal post. Occasionally, Hats and Resources will drop from the sky to help whoever gets to them first. With the resources you can build springboards and a goalie-like structure.. The team with the most amount of points at the end, wins.


You can usually take one of two routes. You can run around slapping the ball into the goal, or wait for a hat to drop and try to defeat the enemy players so your teammates can make a goal. Occasionally, a Large Bomb will drop from the sky, bring about a great opportunity. You can grab the bomb, wait until there are mostly enemy players around the soccer ball, and throw it at this large group. Human players will most likely run, but the AI players will continue slapping the ball. This is a good strategy for getting the Thuggee trophy.

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